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27 May 2015 Staff

Atlanta LawyersThese Atlanta lawyers know that at the center of your law firm presence is your professional website. But not each law firm website is created equally. Web standards change frequently, and more websites have grown to be much more dynamic. Only a few years back, web design companies couldn’t imagine what is possible today. Now there are many features to consider when selecting a web platform. Often these are generally decided by your law firm current and future needs. The best law firm websites are created so they can adapt and grow to meet up with changing standards.  Check theirs out at:

Focus on Mobile Friendliness
Google recently announced that it will be placing a huge amount of relevance on mobile user experience. With users becoming more mobile, the best law firm website is readily available on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Not only should they be accessible, but sites need to look good across all mobile devices. Law firms without a mobile-friendly presence lose out on potential clients. Google has recently indicated it will provide improved standings for websites with responsive design, because they’re easier to access and index. While attorneys must have a mobile-friendly site, responsive style has significant positive aspects over the competition.

Designing a Law Firm Website
In the recent past, if you wanted a law firm website, it was likely to be static. Static websites are sites that are coded page-by-page. If your law firm does not frequently update the site often, a static site may be sufficient. But this is definitely not an option for lawyers trying to easily update content, especially given the easy to use alternatives. Dynamic websites are created on platforms known as CMS, or content management systems. These allow users to add and change content without having extensive coding experience. Frequently updated content could be the key to appealing to visitors seeking appropriate information. Therefore, if you’re wanting to provide up-to-date information to leads, you need the dynamic site built with a content management systems that satisfies you current and future needs.

Visually Appealing Website
There are various ways to create a compelling law firm website. However, not all of these methods are identical when handling modern-day lawyer websites. Flash websites can be extremely appealing, but they cannot meet the evolving standards involving HTML and CSS. The best websites match modern standards in order to better preserve that sustainable online presence. The best attorney websites offer value to potential and current clients. The website will provide answers to basic questions and explain legal issues in a simple and clear manner. Law firm web-sites should direct the client in the right direction, based on the information they provide when they are searching for help.

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