Is Your Attorney or Business Website Ready for Mobilegedon?

What’s Mobilegedon?

Attorney Websites mobile readyGoogle has simply announced a large upgrade and change to the way that sites are ranked by their algorithms and served up in the “SERPS”. It is called “Mobilegedon”, also it targets non-responsive or non-friendly mobile websites in a negative way. This could possibly have a tremendous impact on traffic to your web site in case your web site is not prepared for these changes.

Google has stated the Mobilegedon upgrade is going to have the greatest impact on search results of anything it has ever done.

Essentially this means the formula they utilize to rank sites to favor cellular friendly sites is being redone by Google. So Google just needs to reveal content that’s going to seem great on cellular devices. The issue is that lots of sites aren’t “reactive”. These non-cellular friendly sites were solely made to appear great on a notebook or desktop computer, but do not seem quite fine on tablet computers and smartphones.

The bottom line is, in case your web site isn’t “Mobile Ready”, then it is going to damage your position in Google.
Do an Assessment and determine if Your Website is Prepared:

Follow the link below to check in case your website is prepared for Mobilegedon.

Things To Do:

Then do not panic if you are web site is not friendly across all devices. The seasoned professionals at Anemone will help you to get your website upgraded for Mobilegedon. Contact us today to get a free assessment and we are able to come up with a strategy to get your website prepared.

Don’t Let Mobilegedon get YOU DOWN!