DUI Lawyer Charleston SC Website Gets High Marks

16 May 2015 Staff

Charleston-Attorney-GroupSo you might be wondering what makes a good attorney website? The answer is pretty simple, professionalism, clear understanding, and showcasing your expertise. These are the three things that most clients are looking for when researching an attorney or law firm. Does your attorney website tell your unique story? If you are not incorporating these three elements into your website when telling your story, you are going to lose out on the majority of business to the local competition. Consider some of these important factors when considering what makes a good attorney website. So take this advice from a DUI lawyer Charleston SC to designing the best website for your firm. For more information feel free to visit their website at: http://charlestonattorneygroup.com/charleston-criminal-lawyers-dui-defense-attorneys/

Your website needs to stand out in a crowd, especially with so much competition in this industry. More than two-thirds of small law firms have their own websites. Can potential prospects find your website in that huge crowd of other law firm websites? The most effective lawyer websites are usually optimized for search engine visibility through strategies including legal keywords, specific legal content, and links to relevant information on searches conducted on the website.

The first impressions that potential visitors have when they land on a law firm website can make the difference in them hiring that attorney. Work better with images, coloring, and legal keywords which quickly tell who that you are, what services you can offer, and where your law firm is in the community. Make it clear on how potential customers can contact you. Once your design attracts these customers, you then need to engage them in order to get them to take a specific action. Not only does unique and relevant content boost your search-engine presence, establishing you as one expert, it qualifies prospective customers. Short, clear, concise, simple wording helps visitors quickly find relevant facts quickly and easily.

After a search engine does the job of directing legal prospects to your site, does your current law firm website engage the audience? Do site visitors see their situations as part of your content, understanding everything you do and how you can effectively assist them? Do these targeted visitors take the most important action, contacting you and growing your client base? Design, awareness, and content all play a tremendous role in this last step, changing those visitors into loyal clients.

What makes a good attorney website? Your law firm website ought to strongly reinforce your unique expertise in your community. Custom and unique content regarding you practice will effectively help prospects better understand why your law firm is the best possible choice.

Here is another great example of great Attorney website design: http://www.findlaw.com/